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Prompts for Posts When You'd Rather be Making Art

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• 9 pages of information

• 33 creative prompts

• repeat downloads included with purchase

I’m sharing my 15 years of experience creating high impact content across multiple niches to boost your ability to post more valuable pictures and videos, in less time. Your real passion is not social media, but it is mine, and these are simple prompts I’ve used time and time again to reach new buyers, followers, and opportunities. They are relevant and applicable wherever you are currently posting your art, and broad enough to use across new networks as social media and its preferences continue to evolve. They will connect you with viewers curious to see more, shoppers ready to buy, and tell your story as an artist along the way. Most importantly, I’m sharing these prompts so you can have simple and effective templates to quickly turn to, spending less energy on content creation and more energy on your art, without sacrificing the value social media provides artists.