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Personalized Doll Photoshoot

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this order is for a personalized doll photoshoot and does not include any shipped items.

Celebrate birthdays, holidays, or bring a dream shot to life with a personalized doll photoshoot.

I set the scene, provide the accessories, and up to 3 dolls per shoot dressed to your aesthetic requests.

You will receive 5 professional quality images for your personal use, to post or print as a birthday card to a friend, anniversary present to a loved one, or home decor to make your space more personal! I can’t wait to see what ideas you might have!

Please select two to three choices of dolls from my @coralstinyworld social media feeds for each requested character in a photoshoot. For example, if the personalized shoot is of you and your best friend, please select two or three dolls from my feed to represent you, and two or three choices for your best friend. I will do my best to use the top choices within availability.

Personal use only. No commercial use rights granted.